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free Mumia Abu-Jamal
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Let's really help the September 11 victims:
War & racism are not the answer

National March in Washington DC
Saturday, September 29
Rally 11 am at the White House

Streaming Video: from the Aug. 17 demonstration available from PVN. Show it to your family and friends. Put it on your local cable station. Make video parties and play it. Call (212-633-6646) or write PVN for a free copy. To view the streaming videoClick here

On August 28, 2001, in Philadelphia, Mumia's lawyers held a press conference kkkkkk on the steps of City Hall which attracted an almost unprecedented number of media—about 15.
New witness emerges

Greetings from Mumia Abu-Jamal
to All Participants at the 3rd UN World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia
and Related Intolerance
3rd World Conference Against Racism
Don't let U.S. racism lynch another innocent person
Allow enough time for PDF file

Philadelphia August 17, 2001
Mumia's statement that was read
in the court room

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance:
'Justice for Mumia!' APALA resolution
adopted at
Aug. 19, 2001 National Convention.

August 17, 2001, Philadelphia
Death-row political prisoner blocked from attending hearing as 2,000 people rally to free him
San Francisco, San Diego

Jesse Jackson speaks in Philly
on August 17
Photo Deirdre Griswold

Philly on August 17
Photo: Greg Butterfield

Pam Africa speaks in Philly
on August 17
Photo Deirdre Griswold


Philly on August 17
Photo Greg Butterfield

Larry Holmes speaks in Philly
on August 17
Photo Deirdre Griswold

San Francisco, August 18 Photo: Bill Hackwell

Hundreds stand up
for Mumia
On Aug. 18, over 500 supporters of Mumia
held a rally at the busy intersection of Powell
and Market streets and then marched around
Union Square. The demonstrators then decided
to continue the protest by marching on the
San Francisco Chronicle to demand that the
virtual wall of silence in the big business media concerning Mumia’s case be ended.
The demonstration was organized by the
Mobilization to Free Mumia and the International
Action Center. In San Diego the day before,
about 100 people with signs, banners,
and bullhorns gathered on the four corners
of a busy downtown intersection to stand
in solidarity with Mumia.
—Bill Hackwell

San Diego: Show support for the Mumia Coalition. We meet every week on Tuesday at 5 pm at San Diego City College in Room D105. Join us this week and every week!
For more information, call 619-692-4496

To read the 300 page court brief that
Mumia presented to court on Aug. 17
go to

Mumia Will Be There ... And So Will I!


The World Conference Against Racism
in Durban, South Africa, Aug. 28, 2001
Don't let U.S. racism lynch another innocent person
(PDF file)

posted 7/26/01
Judge Yohn rejects deposition of Arnold Beverly
Full text of the ruling in PDF format
'Court issues alarming ruling against Mumia'—News in depth

July 5, 2001 New developments in legal case
May 4, 2001
"I did not shoot Police Officer Daniel Faulkner"
—Affidavit from Mumia Abu-Jamal.
Also read the Affidavits of Mumia's brother William Cook
and Arnold Beverly the man who claims that he shot the policeman
May 31, 2001
Lie detector test corroborates Arnold Beverly’s confession to killing Daniel Faulkner . . .

Column by Mumia Abu-Jama

May 4, 2001

July 3, 2001 Granma International (Cuba)  
MUMIA: 20 years on death row

Posted May 17, 2001
May 12 Int'l Day of Support
Brick by brick,”
they roared in Philadelphia.
“Wall by wall,” they echoed in San Francisco & Atlanta
“We’re gonna free Mumia Abu-Jamal,”
reverberated from Australia to England.
The photo below is from a demonstration for Mumia and Leonard Peltier in Paris, France
on May 12

Camp Free Mumia
Dillworth Plaza, Philly

For 48 hours beginning May 11 Dillworth Plaza was liberated by those who believe that Mumia Abu-Jamal
must be free.

May 12 Ruff & Mellow Band

May 9. 2001 Federal Court orders a permit to hold a 48- hour vigil/encampmentfrom May 11 to 13
May 9. 2001 International Action Center lawsuit for right
to hold Mumia encampment in Philadelphia
May 8, 2001 Orientation for activists on
lawsuit for Mumia encampment
May 7 2001 Memorandum of law filed in the free speech struggle for the Mumia encampment
April 28 Philadelphia Police— want to stop Camp Mumia!
But they can't stop us — IF WE FIGHT BACK!

March in Philadelphia during
the May 12 encampment

May 11 Hip-Hop leaflet

New legal team files in Federal court in Philadelphia
Read the Affidavid from Mumia Abu-Jamal.
Also the Affidavids of Mumia's brother Leslie Cook and
Arnold Beverly the man who claims that he shot the policeman

Mumia Support events in San Francisco and San Jose

May 17, 2001 Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees
HERE Local #17 Resolution for Justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal

To Be Announced — could be anytime — Mumia's Day in Federal Court, Philadelphia. For more information go to the Emergency Response Network: The official Mumia site and home of the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, featuring action updates, and a discussion board

The web site for Terry
Bisson's new Mumia biography

Link to:

Y O U R   E M A I L

April 16, 2001
Mumia speaks to
anti-globalization protest

Click to download
with Mumia's

For IAC news & updates
on the protests go to

Join the International Action Center
@ anti-FTAA demonstrations in Quebec
and elsewhere
Look for our flags, banners
and contingents at anti-FTAA demonstrations
in Quebec City, Buffalo, San Diego/Tijuana
and at solidarity actions around the country!

Look for the orange IAC flags.

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for IAC flag












WBAI: The Coup on Wall St. By Mumia Abu-Jamal, M.A.

March 12, 2001
Illinois Attorneys urge that Mumia Abu-Jamal be granted a new trial

April 22, 2001 Mumia is not given sufficient time to replace legal team.
Court is refusing to notify Mumia

April 10, 2001
Federal judge approves a request by Mumia Abu-Jamal
to dismiss legal team
Important legal development

March 31, 2001
"Free Mumia Campagne - Nederland"

Clark Kissinger released

13 reasons to protest at Bush's Inauguration
13 Razones para Protestar la Inauguración de Bush

Report government or police misconduct
on January 20.
Call for video and witness statements
The Partnership for Civil Justice and the National Lawyers Guild needs your information.

San Francisco on January 20
—Photo by Bill Hackwell

Tens of thousands in Washington for Jan 20 Protest against Bush administration’s right-wing policies
Jan 21 Press Release
San Francisco, near 20,000 marched from
Civic Center Plaza to Malcolm X Library Indoor Rally
Report from San Diego March and rally

Funds urgently needed to help with expenses for January 20 International Action Center Mobilization and to keep up
the work!

NY Region Organizers'
meeting on Tuesday n ights at 6:30
39 W 14 #206, NYC 10011
For info call 212 633-6646

January 17, 2001 Status Bulletin on lawsuit
1/15/01 IAC Press Release J20 Free Speech Rights Lawsuit
1/9/01 Major victory for Jan. 20 Po
lice grant permits
(IAC 12/30/2000) New News and Mobilization Update
Press coverage:
Washington Post, Dec. 21,
AP, Dec. 21, Reuters, Dec. 21

LIST OF JANUARY 20 ENDORSERS as of 1/12/2001

Organizing Centers for January 20, 2000 protest

Message from
Mumia Abu-Jamal
to the J20

Click to download placards

Washington, DC
on January 20
Photo by Dustin Ross,

Now available: Network Magazine A magazine dedicated to putting out the truth about the MOVE Organization.

Sign on to Mumia's Amicus briefs
Judge Yohn's denial of Amicus briefs

How to order MUMIA SPEAKS: an interview with Mumia Abu-Jamal. Political prisoner and award winning journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal speaks from his cell on Pennsylvania's Death row.

Labor for Mumia 'Letter to Janet Reno from US Trade Unionists' demanding justice for Mumia and a background piece framing the case for union members

Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
LCLAA, AFL-CIO resolution calls for a new trial


Mumia protest reaches millions

From Mumia 8/7/00

A letter from prisoners held at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Philadelphia since Aug 1, 2000

3 p.m., August 3, 2000
Hundreds of protesters are being illegally held and tortured in Philadelphia jails

Philadelphia Support all RCN protesters

An account of the Aug. 1, 2000 actions to
"Shut Down the Prison-Industrial Complex, Free Mumia" at the Republican

August 1, 2000
IAC activists are among 425 arrested at Republican Convention in Philadelphia. Police are blamed for cracking down on right to protest

NEWS RELEASE July 30, 2000
Militant march targets offices of Philadelphia district attorney and police chief; demands justice for Thomas Jones, Robert Brown; a new trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal; and an end to the death penalty

Aquittal in trial over April 15 arrests. Defend the right to demonstrate!

July 30, 2000
Militant march targets offices of Philadelphia district attorney and police chief; demands justice for Thomas Jones, Robert Brown; a new trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal; and an end to the death penalty

July 30 and August 1 at the Republican Convention in Philadelphia
Los Angeles March for Mumia at the Democratic National Convention
Victims of police "Preventive Detention Action" stand trial in Washington, DC for April 15 protest at WTO against the prison industrial complex

GRANMA, the newspaper of Cuba, writes about Mumia
—U.S. JUSTICE SYSTEM: The poor and Blacks on death row

COINTELPRO-style break-in at Mumia office

Pride at Work resolution

Detroit City Council, passes resolution to stop the execution of Shaka Sankofa

SEIU passes resolution

Millions for Mumia/
International Action Center/
National Peoples Campaign

National office: 212.633.6646
39 West 14 Street #206, NY, NY 10011

West Coast:
San Francisco 415.821.6545

Los Angeles 213.487.2368


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