passed by
the Detroit
City Council


Resolution to stop the execution of
Gary Graham/Shaka Sankofa

Passed by Detroit City Council,
June 8, 2000

Whereas Gary Graham, known as Shaka Sankofa, is on death row in Texas and is scheduled to be executed on June 22, 2000 and

Whereas Sankofa, an African American male, was convicted in 1981 at the age of 17 for murder on the testimony of only one dubious witness. There was no ballistics or fingerprint evidence presented in the case and seven other eye-witnesses did not identify Sankofa, and

Whereas Sankofa's original attorney, believing him guilty, conducted no pre-trial investigation. Much new evidence later was uncovered pointing to Sankofa's innocence, including four witnesses who passed polygraph tests stating that Sankofa was with them miles from the crime scene and

Whereas Texas law forbade the introduction of new evidence in his case. Federal courts have denied his appeal based on the 1996 "Effective Death Penalty Act" and Whereas the widow of the slain man has called for clemency along with the Pope and notables like the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Danny Glover, Ed Asner and

Whereas Governor George W. Bush of Texas has presided over 128 executions in his terms in office, far more than any other state in the nation and

Whereas dozens of other death row prisoners in Texas face execution this year. There is growing concern nationally that innocent people are being executed. Many city governments, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Francisco, have called for a moratorium of the death penalty. The State of Illinois has placed a moratorium on executions due to the large number of innocent people found to be on death row and

Whereas a bill has been place before Congress, sponsored by Senator Carl Levin and Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr., calling for a national moratorium on executions,

Therefore be it Resolved that the Detroit City Council adds its voice to others urging Governor George W. Bush of Texas to stop the execution of Gary Graham (Shaka Sankofa).

The Detroit City Council further urges that its Congressional Representatives support the moratorium on federal executions.

Be it further Resolved that the Detroit City Council directs the City Clerk to forward copies of this resolution to Detroit Congressional Representatives, Senators Carl Levin and Spencer Abraham, City of Detroit Washington D.C. lobbyist Marge Mularney, and Texas Governor George W. Bush. For

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