Resolution to oppose the death penalty and to call for a moratorium on executions

Whereas: There is a growing movement in the U.S. to abolish the death penalty.

And Major civil rights and civil liberties organizations have denounced the death penalty as racist and anti-poor, deeming it cruel and unusual punishment.

And evidence suggests that not only the race but the sexual orientation of the victim and alleged perpetrator unfairly influence a decision to impose the death penalty

And NGLTF and ten other LGBT organizations have publicly stated their opposition to the death penalty

And Conservative gay organizations such as the Log Cabin Republicans have shamelessly exploited the Matthew Sheperd tragedy to bolster a pro-death penalty position

And dozens of death row inmates have been released after being found innocent, including thirteen recently in Illinois, and Governor George Ryan has declared a statewide moratorium on executions.

And over 120 people in Texas have been executed since Governor Bush took office, including mentally ill, mentally challenged, battered women, and prison activists, prompting a call for a moratorium on executions in Texas

And likewise in Pennsylvania, growing evidence of police and prosecutorial misconduct and racism, particularly in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, has led to a call for a moratorium on executions in Pennsylvania

And the New Hampshire State Legislature, in May of 2000, voted to abolish the death penalty in that state

And the increase in executions across the U.S. has led many to call for an immediate end to executions nationwide, prompting members of Congress to > propose a bill to that effect

And since our founding Pride At Work has consistently opposed racist, right-wing attacks on basic civil rights, understanding that an injury to one is an injury to all

Be it therefore resolved that Pride At Work calls for an immediate halt to executions in Texas, Pennsylvania, and the whole U.S.

> Be It Further Resolved That Pride At Work joins the growing number of voices calling for the abolition of the death penalty

Be it also resolved that Pride At Work calls for an immediate stay of the June 22 scheduled execution in Texas of Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham), who was convicted at the age of 17 for a crime he did not commit

And be it finally resolved That Pride At Work reiterates our call to stop the execution of and grant a new trial to our brother, Mumia Abu-Jamal



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