April 22, 2001

Please note that Mumia was NOT given 60 days to find new lawyers.

The decision was made on April 6th but not filed until April 9th and stated that no decision would be may before MAY 6th in order that Mumia could get another legal representative.

Mumia didn't find out about the decision until approximately a week after that and was never notified by the court but rather found out when he was presented with an article in the Philly Inquirer. This is VERY important to convey to folks as people are mistakenly under the impression that this Judge is being reasonable and has given Mumia more time than he did.

The Philly Inquirer seems to have purposely put out the false 60 days story to mislead and confuse the Mumia Movement. Mumia is being asked to do the impossible and assemble a complete legal team within 3 weeks! And to make matters worse, he was not told by the court directly even though he filed the brief to remove the lawyers, a sign that this Judge is refusing to properly recognize him. Also, thirty days is a ridiculously small amount of time for the court to give him to obtain counsel especially when he is not being issued additional phone time or visits to assess candidates.

April 10, 2001

A federal judge yesterday approved a request by Mumia Abu-Jamal to dismiss his longtime legal team.

In a brief opinion, U.S. District Judge William H. Yohn Jr. wrote that, because Abu-Jamal had hired his own lawyers, "he may change counsel at any time for any reason subject to court approval.

"Thus, Yohn added, he had no need to hold a hearing or comment on Abu-Jamal's stated reason for firing his lawyers: that his lawyer had purportedly violated the lawyer-client relationship by writing an insider's account of the celebrated case.

Yohn postponed for 60 days any further action in Abu-Jamal's federal appeal of his death sentence in the 1981 murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner to give him time to hire new lawyers.


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