January 26, 2001 5:32 PM

Thousands rally at Freedom Plaza in D.C. to say not to Bush's policies

Funds urgently needed to help with expenses for January 20 International Action Center Mobilization and to keep up the work!

For all of you who participated in the very successful January 20 protest of Bush’s inauguration and policies, you know the mobilization was historic. The great numbers who came out to protest from the very first day of the Bush administration set the tone of protests for the coming period.

The International Action Center demonstration was strong and united. It made the message clear to Bush and his super-rich cronies that they can’t get away with their attacks on civil rights, women’s rights, working peoples’ rights, and their policies of bigotry and militarism without meeting mass protests every step of the way.

The International Action Center mobilized nationally for this demonstration, and will be organizing in an ongoing way against the government’s program. The International Action Center amassed great costs in this mobilization for printing leaflets and posters, mailings, massive emails and faxing, national phone calls, banners, signs, bus subsidies for those who needed them, and much, much more.

You can still donate to help defray these costs, and to help us continue our organizing work.

Donate a tax-deductible
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