This is an announcement of a demonstration the International Conerrned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal will be holding in philadelphia on july 4th.

As you probably all know july 4th is a big deal in philly every year. Since this is where this nation was formed, it's also the center of the country's biggest celebrations of "independence day". Every year, we host an action to highlight the facts that Mumia is still in prison, still on death row, and still should be released. Also, on july 4th secretary of state colin powell is receiving
the "liberty award"; which is given annually to:

"'an individual or organization from anywhere in the world that has demonstrated leadership and vision in the pursuit of liberty of conscience; or freedom from oppression, ignorance, or deprivation.' The award is administered by Greater Philadelphia First, the regional business and
civic leadership group" - qoute taken from a website about the liberty award

Of course we also have many opinions about this award. This particular recipient colin powell is one of the world's most infamous war-mongers and is personally responsible for the wholesale slaughter of perhaps millions of people around the world..

Due to the incredible security precautions that have been in effect around the liberty bell (which is the site of the award ceremony) since september 11th, 2001; we have decided to hold our demonstration at washington square park which is 2 blocks from the liberty bell. The time has yet to be decided. We're having a meeting here in philly, location to be announced, next thursday may 23rd to begin deciding on the specifics.

The location for the demo-washington square park-is a former slave auction site, therefore we will be using that fact as a springboard to discuss slavery and reparations.

Because of colin powell's presence we will be addressing the war and palestine.

Because of Mumia's own views we will deal with issues of political prisoners, racism, poverty, the environment, social justice, civil rights, human rights, etc.

Due to the fact that many organizers and activists are youth we will deal with youth issues.

In an effort to open this up to as broad a coalition of people as possible we are inviting everyone to participate. Our focus for this day is Mumia, because this is philadelphia, and because right now the government is steadily building their efforts to murder Mumia. But we also want to include all of our allies and supporters. Please join us.

Thank you

Make May the International Month of Support For the MOVE Organization!


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