Lucasville political prisoners support
Mumia Abu-Jamal

On Dec. 6, at Cleveland’s event protesting the injustice of 27 years
of wrongful imprisonment of Mumia Abu-Jamal, two of the prisoners framed on false charges in connection with the 1993 Lucasville, Ohio, prison uprising sent these excerpted messages of solidarity, which were read by their relatives.

Due to widespread campaigns for their freedom, both prisoners are finally out of solitary confinement after more than 15 years.

Mosi O. Paki, an uprising participant, never received a trial but was charged with an internal prison rules infraction.

Greg Curry’s charges materialized out of thin air when he refused to testify falsely against other prisoners following the uprising.



Revolutionary greetings, comrades and brothers and sisters.

Revolution means change, which is overdue for the innocent but railroaded Move 9 and the “voice of the voiceless,” Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Since learning about Mumia in early 1989, I find it hard to separate him and the Move Organization, nor the staged railroading and ongoing confinement of the innocent voice of Mumia’s that spoke truth to corruption and falsehood. This brother never failed to step to the plate for the people’s benefit. Let us all step to the plate for this brave, innocent brother until he is released from this nearly three decades of wrongful confinement.

From one political prisoner for another—

Free Mumia Now!
Ona Move in the Struggle,
Mosi O. Paki


I’d like to first thank all of you who participate in struggle. Your efforts and energy keep the sunlight bright. I’ve read much about Mumia Abu-Jamal [and] his unselfish love for oppressed people, so it’s really great to see international support for justice in his case.

I can recall reading W. E. B. DuBois once saying, “It’s easy to gather support for the famous and well off. But who will defend the less known?” There are many of us with solid evidence who, all things equal, would be set free. Please, comrades, become familiar with our cases and get to know us personally. Many of us are prepared to join you in struggle and growth.

Freedom First,
Greg Curry