A Job is a Right Campaign in Milwaukee has updated and expanded the pamphlet:

"Voice of the Voiceless:
The Case of Mumia Abu-Jama

It now has a more extensive discussion of the facts of his case, an explanation of where the appeals process is now.

This pamphlet is available in printed form from AJRC. Please send a check or money order for $.80 ($.25 for the pamphlet plus $.55 postage) payable to "AJRC" to: AJRC, PO Box 06053, Milwaukee, WI 53206.

For bulk orders, call or fax: 414-374-1034. It is available 40 cents apiece in quantities of 10 or more plus postage. Send a check made payable to AJRC to AJRC, P.O. Box 06053, Milwaukee, WI 53206. Postage will be billed separately.

Published by A Job is a Right Campaign, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. First Printing: July, 1995 — Fourth Update: February, 1999


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