In May 1977, Mayor Rizzo of Philadelphia instigated a violent confrontation
by 700 cops against the MOVE Organization that ended in the brutal (videotaped!)
beatings of MOVE members. It was after his coverage of these events that Mumia
was threatened at a press conference by Mayor Rizzo the he, (Rizzo) would
"get him (Mumia)" for his broadcasts in defense of the MOVE 9.


Press Release on Move Exhibit

From: Ramona Africa, Minister of Communication for the MOVE Organization

ONA MOVE! The MOVE Organization is pleased to announce that we will
Be doing an exhibition of MOVE artifacts at the African-American
Museum in Philadelphia on Saturday, May 10, 2003.

From 11:00am til 5:00 pm we will be displaying such artifacts as:
our book "Twenty- Five years on the Move" in English, Spanish,
French and Italian; Newspaper articles regarding the MOVE organization
from 1976 up to The present; photographs, including blowups; videos;
audio-tapes, etc. This is a one-day, only, exhibition, but we hope to work
with the museum to do a longer-lasting exhibition that would also travel
to other African-American museums throughout the country.

For more information, contact Ramona Africa at 610 499-0979.

We look forward to seeing you on May 10th. Parents should bring their
children and teachers should encourage their students to attend, as
This is a vital piece of African-American history and Philadelphia

The African American museum in Philadelphia (AAMP) is located at
701 Arch Street (7th & Arch Streets) (a very short walk from City Hall).
(215) 574-0380
If you go by car, surface parking is available on Arch Street,
directly behind the museum. If you go by SEPTA from
Penn Station, its "Market East Station" is 3 blocks from AAMP. If
you take the Chinatown bus (only $10 round-trip), both Dragon coach &
New Century travel depart from 88 East Broadway (get there on the F
Train); dragon departs at 7:45am, 9:50am, & 11:50am; New Century
Departs at 9am & at noon. Both drop you off a short walk from the



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