May 23

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As many people have now heard, all the people who pled not guilty of the demonstration and CD action at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, last July 3, were convicted an sentence to a $250 fine, $25 to the restitution fund, and one year of supervised probation. Supervised probation for an offense equivalent to a parking ticket is unheard of, and shows how much the Mumia movement is beginning to sting the government. It also represent punishment for the “crime” of asking for a trial.

Those sentenced so far include Clark Kissinger, Frances Goldin, Jane Jackson, Paul Magno, Kim Lamberty, Mitch Cohen, and Joe Brown. The only other case that we know is still pending is Marcy Gayer. The conditions imposed on those sentenced requires them to report monthly to a probation officer, fill out a monthly report on their personal finances, and submit to visits at home and at work by probation officers. They are further forbidden to associate with convicted felons (i.e. Mumia), are require to be employed, have to surrender their passports, and are not permitted to leave their home federal court districts without permission of their probation officer. In short, the conditions are similar to those imposed some years back on banned persons in apartheid South Africa.

Needless to say, this attack is not going to deter those fighting for justice for Mumia. In fact, anger over these outrageous actions is going to inspire even more activity for Mumia. Jane Jackson, an older woman confined to a wheelchair, has been on a hunger strike to protest her treatment by the courts.

Six of those listed above have now filed notice of appeal and asked for a stay of sentence pending the appeal. The government has submitted a long brief to the appeals judge opposing any stay. People wishing to demand a stay and argue for overturning the convictions may write to the appeals judge, Hon. Bruce W. Kauffman, U.S. District Court, 601 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Judge Kauffman’s fax number is: 215-580-2281.


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