Photos: Anne Pruden
Top, many people honk for Mumia as the march gathered in Philadelphia on Feb. 11. Above, speakers in the Peoples' Court demand that Mumia's case be retried
based on the suppressed evidence.

On Feb. 11 people say:

Posted Jan 30, 2005
Demonstrate for MUMIAFEB 11
Come to a press conference and a hearing-
The People's Court
in Philadelphia

'Let the evidence be heard'

Demanding that the truth be heard in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, supporters will go ahead with a planned demonstration Feb. 11 in Philadelphia despite the cancellation of a hearing on his case scheduled for that day in front of Pennsylvania State Court Judge Pamela Dembe.

According to Abu-Jamal's attorney Robert R. Bryan, however, the Johnson Ruling has nothing to do with the evidence being presented. Dembe's latest ruling is clearly just one more in a long history of blatant denials of justice in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal. . . . .

Call Judge Dembe to demand that Mumia's hearing be reinstated with him present. Dembe's phone number is 215-683-7148; her fax number is 215-683-7150.

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December 9, 2004 - New York City
Task force formed to support Mumia
Call for a national and international day of action on April 23, the day before Mumia Abu-Jamal's 51st birthday

To contact the International Concerned Family and Friends of MumiaAbu-Jamal, e-mail: or go online to

Philadelphia April 24 march: 'Free Mumia & all political prisoners'


Nov. 1, 2003. Philadelphia
Court Refuses to hear evidence
Mumia activists again
demand justice


For news coverage from the Washinfton Post


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A working class
and anti-racist issue
Posted August 18
Between 5, 000 to 10,000 people, the overwhelming majority being of African descent, traveled from all over the country as well as Canada and lsewhere to attend some or all of the six hour millions for Reparations rally that took place near the U.S. Capitol. The average age ranged from the very young to the elderly.

The August 17th organizers announced that the next large event for Millions for Reparations will be held in September, 2003 at the United Nations. They have called for local reparations rallies to be held in every state leading up to this event.

Posted Aug 7, 2002

Rally August 17, Washington D.C.

Slavery is a crime against humanity. There is no statute of limitations. Justice demands reparations-the payment for hundreds of years of unpaid labor. The government's promise of 40 acres and a mule following the legal end of slavery was never met. The wealth of this country was built on the backs of African slave labor along with the theft of Indian lands, low paid immigrant workers, bloody wars of expansion, plunder and much more....

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Photos above: Deirdre Griswold
A videotape was shown from a flat bed truck at 13th and Locust Streets, the site where Abu-Jamal's arrest took place 20 years ago on Dec. 9,. The tape allowed everyone there to see and hear Arnold Beverly, a hit man for the mob, confess that he had killed Daniel Faulkner, the police officer Mumia was convicted of shooting.

Since the Common Pleas State Court refused to accept this confession as evidence proving Abu-Jamal's innocence, efforts are being made to get the confession out to the public.

Minutes after the videotape was shown, police attacked the demonstration.

After police attack on Dec. 8 Mumia march
Philly activists say 'Drop the charges'


January 13, 2002

A new leaflet from the International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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January 24, 2002
New brochure
on recent developments
and organizing work need
to build the April 6
and April 24 actions
to free Mumia
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Culture for Mumia!
All Proceeds Benefit Mumia's
Legal Defense Fund!

April 24th is the 6th anniversary of the signing of the anti-terrorism and effective death penalty act into law by former President Clinton making legal appeals nearly impossible for nearly 4,000 people on death row

April 24th is Mumia's
48th birthday

(send him bday wishes at
175 Progress Drive,
Waynesburg, PA 15370)
Local Cultural Events and Fundraisers held nationally!
Philadelphia Int'l Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal

info: 215-476-8812


Join the letter writting campaign to help free Mumia Abu-Jamal.
To download card (2-up) in PDF format click here

Emergency Response Against War:

Protests are taking place in cities all around the world to say:

Go to

Washington, D.C. march on September 29.

Posted May 17, 2001

May 12 Int'l Day of Support
“Brick by brick,”
they roared in Philadelphia.
“Wall by wall,”
they echoed in San Francisco and Atlanta.

“We’re gonna free Mumia Abu-Jamal,”
reverberated from Australia to England.

Camp Free Mumia
Dillworth Plaza, Philly

For 48 hours beginning May 11 Dillworth Plaza was liberated by those who believe that Mumia Abu-Jamal must be free.




uff & Mellow perform on May 12

To Mumia's Day in Federal Court, Philadelphia



January 20 in Washington, DC
as tens of thousands protested
Bush' inauguration
Photo on left and
below by G. Dunkel


13 reasons to protest at Bush's inauguration
13 Razones para Protestar la Inauguración de Bush
Jan 20 Protest against Bush administration’s right-wing policies
Jan 21 Press Release
San Francisco, near 20,000 marched from Civic Center Plaza to Malcolm X Library Indoor Rally
Report from San Diego
march and rally

Funds urgently needed to help with expenses for January 20 International Action Center Mobilization and to keep up the work!

Next NY region organizers' meeting
on Tues. Jan. 29. For info call 212 633-6646

Jan. 17 Status Bulletin on lawsuit
1/15/01 IAC Press Release
Free Speech Rights Lawsuit
1/9/2001 Int'l Action Center Press Release
Major victory for Jan. 20 counter-inaugural

Police grant permits for demonstrations along the inaugural route
Washington DC & San Francisco WHAT YOU CAN DO
Organizing Centers for the January 20 protest—Contact your nearest center, download the leaflet or open up an organizing center.
LIST OF JANUARY 20 ENDORSERS as of 1/12/2001
Press release 12/13/00
Thousands will protest at Bush's inauguration in D.C. on Jan 20
Bush's election is a result of the lynching of the Black vote in Florida
"Governor Death" does not have a mandate to push his pro rich, anti-poor, racist policies
A Call to: Protest the Bush's Inauguration (Oct. 9, 2000)


Join the International Action Center
@ anti-FTAA demonstrations in Quebec and elsewhere
Look for our flags, banners and contingents at anti-FTAA
demonstrations in Quebec City, Buffalo, San Diego/
Tijuana and at solidarity actions around the country!

Look for the orange IAC flags.

To download graphic for the orange IAC Flags
or 2-up palm cards with Mumia's statement click on image


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