Pam Africa Update, New Petition & Flyer, Press Conference, and Dec.6 (NYC) & Dec.8 (Phila) Protests for Mumia

By Journalists For Mumia (

MEDIA-ACTIVIST CAMPAIGN: Two weeks ago, Journalists for Mumia (in conjunction with The International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia and Educators for Mumia) initiated a media-activist campaign to ensure fairness for Mumia on the Dec. 6 NBC Today Show, which is scheduled to feature Michael Smerconish and Maureen Faulkner as they release their new book titled "Murdered By Mumia."

UPDATE FROM PAM AFRICA: As a result of our campaign, The Today Show scheduled a telephone conference with Pam Africa (of the ICFFMAJ) for this past Friday. Following this conference, Pam Africa reported that she spoke with the show and provided them with our Press Pack of background information on Mumia's case. The Today Show did not make an official decision regarding our request, but said they would look at the information and contact Pam Africa this week with their official response to our desire to have equal representation on The Today Show.

PROTEST AT THE TODAY SHOW: As reported at, "The Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC) calls on everyone who can join us on Thursday December 6th at 7:15 AM to please come to 48th Street and Rockefeller Plaza....We have demanded "equal time" but as yet have gotten no agreement to that by the TODAY SHOW. Stand there with us in solidarity with Mumia!"

NEW PETITION: As this campaign heats up, sending emails to The Today Show ( is more important than ever, so NBC knows that people around the word are demanding fairness, and paying close attention to the upcoming Dec. 6 show. Fortunately, a new petition assisting these efforts has just been created. Please sign onto it and share with others (CLICK HERE).

NEW FLYER: Journalists for Mumia has just completed a new flyer responding to Smerconish and Faulkner's new book (PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!), accessible at this link:

PRESS CONFERENCE: The formal press-release announcement of Journalists for Mumia's press conference on Tuesday, Dec. 4, in Philadelphia, at NOON, at The A-Space, 4722 Baltimore Avenue (featuring a slide show presentation of the newly discovered crime scene photos, and journalists David Lindorff & David A. Love) will be released on Sunday.


In Solidarity,

Hans Bennett, Journalists for Mumia (