National March On Washington September 29, 2001
The People Must Overturn The Bush Program

Demand Freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Surround The White House
(the First Day of the Sept 29-Oct 2 Wash. D.C. Convergence Against the IMF & World Bank)


Can you or your group serve as an organizing center for the September 29 protest to overturn the Bush program?


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There is growing momentum for the September 29 National March on Washington to Overturn the Bush Program.  Hundreds of organizations and prominent individuals have endorsed the call and are beginning to organize for the march, which is timed to coincide with the first day of the September 29-October 2 Washington DC convergence against the IMF and World Bank.   

The Latin American Solidarity Conference, including many important national organizations, has decided to organize for September 29. They will be conducting a rally focusing on U.S. interventionist policies in Latin America and then march to the White House to join with the other sectors who are uniting to fight back against the reactionary Bush program.

Anti-racist and anti-death penalty forces will be mobilizing in force.  So will women's organizations, labor unions, lesbian/gay/bi/transgender groups, peace organizations opposed to National Missile Defense and Star Wars and many others.

Endorse the call to action today! Just fill out the online form at .

Call To Action:
During the week of convergence against the IMF & World Bank:
A Call for Mass Action on Sept. 29, 2001: Defeat the Bush Program!
Anti-People, Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay, Pro-War:
Only the Mobilization of the People Can Stop It!

The reactionary administration of George W. Bush is moving at record speed to give trillions more to the rich, undermine the labor movement, rollback civil rights, women's, lesbian/gay and disabled rights, gut environmental protections, and escalate militarism and the threat of new wars.

Described as "further right than the Reagan administration," the Bush team is a collection of pro-corporate pirates and bigots who are determined to demolish all rights except those of big business to make unlimited profits. As one newspaper headline put it, "Happy Days Are Here Again for Business Lobby."    

There is only one force that can defeat the Bush program — the mass mobilization of the people. A united and organized campaign bringing together all those who will be hurt by the Bush program — workers-employed and unemployed, people of color, women, lesbians, gay men, bi, and transgender people, immigrants, disabled people, environmentalists, everyone who needs heat and light — can succeed in turning back this massive assault.

We are the majority, but our power can only become real when we organize and take action.

The Bush government poses a grave danger to the people and the planet on many fronts. In his first three months in office, Bush has:

Promoted the racist death penalty. 
We are demanding freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Attacked the labor movement and all working people, throwing out regulations to protect workers from repetitive motion injuries, blocking airlines workers from going on strike, and cutting unionized workers out of federal construction projects;

Cancelled funding for international family planning and called for ending women's right to choose

Appointed John Ashcroft as Attorney General. Ashcroft has written of his admiration for the Confederate slaveholders and is a racist opponent of affirmative action, lesbian, gay and women's rights. Like Bush, Ashcroft is an avid supporter of the death penalty and building more prisons.

Announced plans to vastly increase military spending, including building a "missile defense system," really part of nuclear first-strike strategy. Bush has bombed Iraq, broken off talks with North Korea, given the green light to Israel to launch new attacks on the Palestinian people, and escalated hostility toward Russia, China and Cuba.

While pretending to be concerned about children and education, called for cutting funding for pre-school, child-abuse and children's health programs

Opposed any limit on what oil, gas and utility monopolies can charge, leading to a 50% increase in rates in California, soon to be followed by rates in the rest of the Country

Proposed opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve and other federal parks and lands for oil and gas drilling, mining and logging

Threatened to start a new Vietnam-type war in Colombia

Rejected the Kyoto treaty to stop global warming. Bush has broken his campaign pledge to reduce global-warming carbon dioxide from power plants, and rejected lowering the level of arsenic in drinking water.  

Pushed for a tax cut plan that would make the rich much richer while giving working people almost nothing.

Partial endorsers list:

Howard Zinn, Historian and Author
Ramsey Clark, former U.S. attorney general
Ossie Davis
Ga.State Rep. Tyrone Brooks, President, Ga. Association of Black Elected Officials
Ruth Holbrook, President, Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO*
The Caribbean and Latin America Support Project
Walter Johnson, Secretary-Treas., San Francisco Labor Council, AFL-CIO*
Lucius Walker, IFCO/Pastors for Peace
Maudelle Shirek, Vice Mayor, Berkeley, CA
Queers For Racial & Economic Justice
International Action Center
Latin American Solidarity Conference
Nicaragua Solidarity Network
David Dinkins, former mayor NYC
Dr. Nadia Marsh, Harlem Hospital*
Jahahara Alkebulan-Ma'at, National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America
Transgenders United for Equality
Dave Welsh, retired exec VP, Golden Gate Branch #214, Letter Carriers Union
May d'Marie, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Maggie Coulter, Sacramento-Yolo Peace Action*
Professor Richard C. Lewontin, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University
Martha Grevatt, National Secretary, Pride At Work-AFL-CIO
Zachary Wolfe, National Vice President, National Lawyers Guild
Dave Sole, President of UAW local 2443
Rosario Morales, Puerto Rican Writer
Millions for Mumia
Korea Truth Commission
Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Auxilery Bishop, Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit
United American Indians of New England
Leslie Feinberg, Co-Founder, Rainbow Flags for Mumia
Student Activist Network, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA
Abayomi Azikiwe, editor, Pan-African Newswire
Workers World Party
Moroccans for Peace and Justice-Boston chapter
Simmons College Feminist Union
Tony Russo, Pentagon Papers Peace Project
Richard Hugus, Cape Cod Coalition Against Iraq Sanctions
Richmond Action Center
RightWatch Project
Mid-Hudson National People's Campaign
Writers for Mumia
Professor Richard Levins, Harvard School of Public Health
The San Diego Coalition to Stop the Execution of Mumia
Larry Lauro, coordinator of the SOA Watch-San Jose.
Dr. Janet Collett, U of Sussex
Dr. David Walsh, Dept of Philosophy, U of Edinburgh
Candice Isphording, Radford University Amnesty International
David Gray, Vassar College Student Activist Union
Andrew Hartman, Students for Justice, Denver, CO
Ron Jacobs, author, The Way the Wind Blew: A History of the Weather Underground; and library worker, Burlington, VT.
Instant Antiwar Action Group, VT, Burlington, VT
Carol Galione, Press- Woodstock Times
Carol Brouillet Co-Founder, The Who's Counting Project
Joy Crocker, Church Women United, CA, Civic & Legislative
Chair; Quantum Leap 2000, Director
Allison Guttu, Street Harassment Project member
Alyce Vrba, CEO POORPOWER, Property Rights Power
Cheryl Yanek, NYC radical cheerleaders
Rev. James D. Findlay, Claremont Graduate University, CALPIRG
Stuart F. Chen-Hayes, Ph.D., Counselor Education, Lehman College/CUNY
Action Center FXBG, Natural-Mystics store, Fredericksburg, VA
Meredith Cabell, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Anton Borissov, Left wing socialist
Dr. John Gilbert, Nat'l Rep, SNUR-CGIL U and Research Trade
Union, Rome, Italy
Vince Hayner, Circle Greens
Peter Doedens, Chair of Mundus Melior Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dan Mack, Socialist Party of Milwaukee
Claire O'Leary, Citizen of Planet Earth
Craig Mazer, Editor/Publisher, IMPACT press
Maya del Mar, Sausalito, CA
Mickey Huff, Prof. History & Soc Science, Diablo Valley
College Advisor for Progressive Student Alliance
Jonah Nadir Omowale, Eclipse America Productions
Linda M. Velarde, Taos, New Mexico, Director
efeminists: queer mehn against patriarchy
Dr. Enoch Page, Department of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Carol Brouillet, The Who's Counting Project
Terra and Atom Emet
Karen Toomey
Anna Mojallali, student
Gina Gallo, Oakland, CA
Susan Beddingfield, Monterey, California
Melissa Wingard, Foster City, Ca
Michele C. Stewart, Shepherdstown, WV
Geneva Jones, Silver Spring, MD
Marijana Bogdanovic, Australia
Zoran Bogdanovic, Australia
Betsy Marville, Boynton Beach, Florida
Sue Wisner, Great Neck, NY

Can you or your group serve as an organizing center for the September 29 protest to overturn the Bush program?

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